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Classique Butt Fudge Sundae


Today is 12/21/12 and the End is Here. Forget the Zombie Apocalypse and the Mayans! Corey Sundae presents a very special "End of the World" ...

Butt Fudge Sundae: 03/30/12

Corey is posting his last BFS show to wrap up the week. Hope you guys enjoyed it while Tim was out. On the Show Today: - Uncovered Audio...

Butt Fudge Sundae: 03/29/12

Hey freaks! Corey is back with a SIDESHOW exclusive episode of BFS! On the Show Today: - Granny Gets Fucked While Holding Her Walker - ...

Silent Applauding With Jazz Hands

ON TODAY'S EPISODE: Clapping Is No Longer Appropriate Because of LOUD NOISES. One Youtuber Has Perfected Shaky Leg Farts Ok Boomer Is Jus...