$1.00 First Month Membership Deal!

I'm so happy to have you join the Sideshow!

The number one reason I've heard from freaks that they are reluctant to sign up for the Sideshow is that they afraid they won't be able to get the password protected feeds to work. It's never been easier to plug your username and password into your favorite podcast app and grab all of the exclusive content.

So, here's a Sideshow deal for you: Your first month is only $1.00. Use that time to get your Sideshow account working with your podcast app (sample video tutorial here) and check out all the extra content you get every week (2+ shows every week, plus nearly 4,000 shows in the archive)

You will be charged $1.00 for the first month of Sideshow access. Subsequent months will be $6.00 (a discount off the normal $6.99) - If you do not wish to continue your subscription, please cancel your membership. Sorry, no refunds whatsoever.

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